WOOF WOOF Policies & Procedures

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Woof Woof Day­care & Board­ing, LLC (here­inafter WWD&B), fol­lows a spe­cif­ic set of poli­cies and pro­ce­dures we deem nec­es­sary for the safe­ty and care of all dogs, staff and canine par­ents (here­inafter Own­er), or their agents, who come to our facil­i­ty. The Own­er agrees to fol­low our poli­cies and pro­ce­dures, which are sub­ject to change. WWD&B will post noti­fi­ca­tion of changes at our front desk and via email. Own­er also agrees to fol­low any changes imple­ment­ed to our poli­cies and pro­ce­dures. Fail­ure to abide by our poli­cies and pro­ce­dures may result in sus­pen­sion or expul­sion from the ser­vices offered by WWD&B.

Busi­ness Hours:
Day­care:  Mon­day-Fri­day: 6:30 am — 6:30 pm, Sat­ur­day: 7:30 am — 6:30 pm
Yap­py Club (extend­ed day­care): Mon­day-Fri­day: 6:31 pm — 9:00 pm, Sat­ur­day: 6:31 pm — 8:00 pm
Board­ing:  See BOARDING DOGS – Check-In/Check-Out Times for details

Day­care hours end at 6:30 pm Mon­day-Sat­ur­day. All dogs and own­ers must be checked-out by or pri­or to 6:30 pm.   Any dog still in our facil­i­ty at 6:31 pm Mon­day-Sat­ur­day will auto­mat­i­cal­ly be enrolled in our Yap­py Club pro­gram for an addi­tion­al fee due at time of check-out. Our facil­i­ty clos­es to the pub­lic prompt­ly at 9:00 pm Mon­day-Fri­day, 8:00 pm on Sat­ur­day, and 12:00 pm on Sun­day. The doors lock at clos­ing time and any dog not checked-out by clos­ing will be board­ed for the night.  Own­er should arrive at least ten (10) min­utes pri­or to the clos­ing times for day­care, Yap­py Club, or board­ing check-in/check-out hours on Sun­day. Any dog that remains in our facil­i­ty after these times are sub­ject to addi­tion­al charges for ser­vices that fall with­in those time frames.

Free Canine Eval­u­a­tion (Manda­to­ry for All New Clients):
WWD&B offers a unique inte­grat­ed approach to our ser­vices. All dogs in our care will par­tic­i­pate in our day­care pro­gram, includ­ing board­ers. To ensure that WWD&B is the right place for your dog, we require all new dogs to attend one (1) day of day­care on a week­day (Mon­day-Thurs­day) free of charge. Your dog will be eval­u­at­ed based on WWD&B guide­lines list­ed in Canine Qual­i­ties Required. WWD&B lim­its how many new dogs that are eval­u­at­ed per day, so a reser­va­tion is required. Own­er agrees to sub­mit all required forms for approval pri­or to their dog’s eval­u­a­tion day.

Canine Qual­i­ties Required:
WWD&B accepts all dogs that meet our behav­ioral stan­dards nec­es­sary for par­tic­i­pa­tion in our ser­vices. Our top pri­or­i­ty is that we are a safe, hap­py and fun place for dogs, own­ers and staff. All dogs are eval­u­at­ed on their own mer­it for how friend­ly and social­ly appro­pri­ate they are with dogs and peo­ple. Dogs must exhib­it that they are free from all forms of resource guard­ing. Dogs must be phys­i­cal­ly & emo­tion­al­ly com­fort­able being crat­ed for short peri­ods of time dur­ing day­care hours and overnight when board­ing. Dogs must walk under con­trol on a leash when enter­ing or exit­ing our facil­i­ty, and for the staff that will be car­ing for them. For the safe­ty and well­be­ing of all dogs and staff exces­sive bark­ing and/or bul­ly­ing behav­iors will not be tol­er­at­ed. Dogs must be in good health and have the phys­i­cal sta­mi­na to be active dur­ing the day. Also see Age & Size Lim­i­ta­tions for addi­tion­al details.

Med­ical Con­di­tions:
Full dis­clo­sure of any and all med­ical con­di­tions or ill­ness­es is required for the health and safe­ty of all the dogs, own­ers, and staff at WWD&B. Own­er must noti­fy WWD&B of all med­ical con­di­tions their dog has or may devel­op over time. This includes: med­ica­tions, chron­ic con­di­tions, infec­tion, ill­ness, injury, aller­gies, and men­tal and/or phys­i­cal dis­or­ders. WWD&B is not respon­si­ble for any med­ical con­di­tion a dog has or may devel­op.  Any dog that has had surgery is required to have a min­i­mum ten (10) day wait­ing peri­od before return­ing for any of the ser­vices offered by WWD&B.

WWD&B requires that dogs remain cur­rent with ALL vac­ci­na­tions list­ed and requires vet­eri­nary records show­ing that each is cur­rent. Own­er agrees to pro­vide WWD&B with their dog’s cur­rent vet­eri­nar­i­an records, and to pro­vide renewals show­ing that all required vac­ci­na­tions are cur­rent. Fail­ure to pro­vide vet­eri­nary records show­ing that an owner’s dog is cur­rent on all list­ed vac­ci­na­tions will result in an imme­di­ate sus­pen­sion from all ser­vices offered by WWD&B.


* Bor­de­tel­la (ken­nel cough): every six (6) months

* Neg­a­tive Fecal Test: every six (6) months

* Rabies:  vac­ci­na­tion is cur­rent

* Dis­tem­per-Par­vovirus:  vac­ci­na­tion is cur­rent

* Canine Influen­za: rec­om­mend­ed, but not required

The own­er under­stands that despite being vac­ci­nat­ed for an infec­tious dis­ease, trans­mis­sion of a dis­ease is still pos­si­ble and is not the result of any cir­cum­stances or con­di­tions regard­ing our facil­i­ty. WWD&B is not respon­si­ble in the event that your dog falls ill with an infec­tious ill­ness dur­ing or after their time at WWD&B. Dogs that are receiv­ing the Bor­de­tel­la vac­cine for the first time are required to wait ten (10) days pri­or to start­ing ser­vices at WWD&B. Pup­pies must com­plete the three (3) part series of Dis­tem­per-Par­vovirus vac­ci­na­tion, plus all oth­er list­ed vac­ci­na­tions before ser­vices are pro­vid­ed.

A dog that requires med­ica­tion dur­ing their stay at WWD&B must bring it in a med­ica­tion pill­box with med­ica­tion prop­er­ly por­tioned, as it should be admin­is­tered (am, noon, pm). The pill­box must be labeled with the dog and owner’s full names.  Own­er agrees to sup­ply Gree­nies Pill Pock­ets for each dose of med­ica­tion. Own­er is respon­si­ble for sub­mit­ting a WWD&B Med­ica­tion Form for EACH med­ica­tion that is required dur­ing their dog’s stay. The own­er autho­rizes WWD&B to admin­is­ter any and all med­ica­tions their dog needs. WWD&B does not admin­is­ter injectable med­ica­tion.

Flea and Tick:
It is required that all own­ers reg­u­lar­ly give their dog(s) pre­ven­ta­tive flea and tick treat­ments. WWD&B does not allow dogs to wear a flea and tick col­lar while attend­ing day­care or board­ing. Flea & tick col­lars are required to be removed and stored with own­er pri­or to being checked-in for ser­vices. Should an owner’s dog appear to have fleas, they will be quar­an­tined, the own­er will be noti­fied, and the own­er or their agent must pick up their dog imme­di­ate­ly. If an owner’s dog is board­ing and found to have fleas, they will be treat­ed and the own­er agrees to pay any asso­ci­at­ed fees for this ser­vice at time of check-out. WWD&B is not respon­si­ble should a dog acquire fleas and/or ticks.

Age & Size Lim­i­ta­tions:
Our pri­or­i­ty at WWD&B is that we are a safe, hap­py and fun place for dogs. Giv­en that, WWD&B is not suit­able for all dogs. Extreme­ly small dogs (under 5 pounds), extreme­ly large dogs (over 100 pounds), or extreme­ly tall dogs (giant breeds) may not be suit­able for our ser­vices for a vari­ety of rea­sons. WWD&B does not have an age restric­tion, only that dogs be ful­ly vac­ci­nat­ed and fall with­in our guide­lines for Canine Qual­i­ties Required. WWD&B will grant con­sid­er­a­tion to appli­cants that fall with­in these lim­i­ta­tions on a case-by-case basis.

Male Dogs, Neu­ter­ing:
WWD&B requires all male dogs to be neutered by sev­en (7) months of age. Fail­ure to have a male dog neutered by sev­en (7) months of age will result in sus­pen­sion from all ser­vices until they are neutered.

Female Dogs, Spay­ing:
WWD&B strong­ly sug­gests that female dogs be spayed by sev­en (7) months of age. Female dogs that are not spayed may not attend day­care while in heat (21 day min­i­mum). Own­ers of female dogs that are not spayed agree that WWD&B is not liable for any med­ical con­di­tions that may arise as a result of their dog not being spayed. Female dogs that are preg­nant are not allowed to par­tic­i­pate in any of the ser­vices offered by WWD&B.

WWD&B’s goal is to be a safe envi­ron­ment for all dogs and staff. WWD&B sep­a­rates dogs into appro­pri­ate play groups based on their per­son­al­i­ty, ener­gy lev­el and play style. WWD&B pro­vides con­tin­u­ous super­vi­sion of dogs in our care. WWD&B will remove any dog from group play that could poten­tial­ly be a threat to them­selves, their play­mates, and/or WWD&B staff. Own­er acknowl­edges that WWD&B is not respon­si­ble for any injury or ill­ness that occurs while their dog is in our care. Should an inci­dent occur, WWD&B will noti­fy the own­er imme­di­ate­ly. Own­er shall not hold any oth­er dog or per­son involved liable. WWD&B is not respon­si­ble for any injury or ill­ness that occurs to an own­er or their dog, with­in our facil­i­ty, or prop­er­ty, includ­ing the park­ing areas. WWD&B will not be held liable for any asso­ci­at­ed bills, med­ical or oth­er­wise.

Illness/Injury & Atten­dance at Day­care &/or Board­ing:
Dogs that are injured or ill, or being treat­ed for an ill­ness, are not per­mit­ted to use any of the ser­vices offered by WWD&B. Any dog dis­play­ing signs of ill­ness or injury will be quar­an­tined, the own­er will be noti­fied, and required to pick-up their dog imme­di­ate­ly. WWD&B retains the right to quar­an­tine and send home any dogs we do not believe are healthy enough to par­take in day­care and/or board­ing ser­vices at our dis­cre­tion.

Vet­eri­nar­i­an Care in Case of Emer­gency:
Should an owner’s dog become injured or fall ill dur­ing our care, we reserve the right to bring your dog to a vet­eri­nar­i­an at our dis­cre­tion. All dogs that are decid­ed­ly in need of imme­di­ate vet­eri­nary care will be brought to the Wind­ham Ani­mal Hos­pi­tal. If the Wind­ham Ani­mal Hos­pi­tal is not avail­able, the owner’s dog will be brought to Rock­ing­ham Emer­gency Vet­eri­nary Hos­pi­tal. Both facil­i­ties are locat­ed in Wind­ham, NH. Own­er agrees to allow WWD&B staff to trans­port their dog in order to seek vet­eri­nar­i­an care. Own­er under­stands that they are ful­ly respon­si­ble for any and all med­ical bills for their dog and agrees that WWD&B is not respon­si­ble for the pay­ment of any med­ical ser­vices their dog receives in the event that their dog is brought to any vet­eri­nar­i­an facil­i­ty while in WWD&B’s care.

Meals at Day­care:
Best known prac­tices of dog han­dling is to have at least a nine­ty (90) minute rest peri­od after eat­ing a meal, which WWD&B adheres to. If it has been less than nine­ty (90) min­utes since a dog’s last meal pri­or to check­ing-in for any of our ser­vices, it is the owner’s respon­si­bil­i­ty to inform our staff. We will serve a mid-day meal to any dog requir­ing one due to med­ical needs or pup­pies less than sev­en (7) months of age. Only dogs par­tic­i­pat­ing in our Yap­py Club pro­gram (extend­ed day­care hours), or that are board­ing will be served an evening meal that their own­er is required to pro­vide. All meals pro­vid­ed by own­er must be prepack­aged in dis­pos­able bags, in indi­vid­ual serv­ing sizes, and labeled with their dog’s full name, and time (am, noon, pm) meal is to be served.

Leash­es, Har­ness­es, & Col­lars:
Leash­es, har­ness­es and col­lars must all be clear­ly labeled with the dog’s first and last name. Leash­es are lim­it­ed up to six feet (6′) in length. No retractable leash­es or prong col­lars allowed. Dogs that are strong pullers are required to use a head­col­lar (i.e. a Gen­tle Leader head­col­lar). Own­er agrees to keep their dog on leash and under their con­trol at all times.

Where & How to Check-In/Check-Out for Day­care & Board­ing:
The day­care & board­ing entrance in locat­ed on the low­er lev­el side door. Own­ers are required to keep ALL doors and gates closed and/or latched at all times when enter­ing or exit­ing WWD&B for the safe­ty of the dogs. For a fast and easy Check-In, WWD&B has pro­vid­ed own­ers with access to crates that they should use to place their dogs in upon arrival. Staff is mov­ing dogs out to play from the crates short­ly after they have arrived. WWD&B requests that own­ers check-in their dogs by 9:30 am. The doors lock at 9:30 am and stay locked until 4:00 pm. Own­ers may still check-in/check-out their dogs between 9:30 am – 4:00 pm, but will need to call to be let in. Check-Outs: All own­ers are required to be inside the black gate on the main floor (also known as the Bark Park) to receive their dog. This is to ensure that their dog is safe­ly hand­ed off to them. For safe­ty rea­sons, WWD&B requires own­ers and their dogs to refrain from approach­ing oth­er own­ers or their dogs.

Items from Home for Day­care Dogs:
Items from home must adhere to WWD&B’s guide­lines of what is and is not accept­able to bring. Items brought from home must be clear­ly labeled with the dog’s first and last name. The only items allowed at day­care are a dog’s leash, col­lars, har­ness, tags on collars/harness/leash, and canine appar­el, which may be worn only dur­ing win­ter months. Appar­el must be clear­ly labeled and should be durable enough to with­stand group play. NO rawhides, bones, toys, bowls, beds and/or tow­els allowed at day­care. WWD&B retains the right to inspect and refuse any items deemed unsuit­able. This list is sub­ject to change and is post­ed at our front desk and/or on our web­site. Any dogs with a vet­eri­nar­i­an approved med­ical need for a bed at rest peri­ods will be giv­en con­sid­er­a­tion. WWD&B is not respon­si­ble for any lost, stolen, or dam­aged items.

Own­er agrees to be respon­si­ble for the pay­ment of any and all ser­vices pro­vid­ed to their dog at WWD&B. Pay­ment is to be made in full at time of check-in for day­care and/or board­ing. Own­er agrees to be respon­si­ble for pay­ment of ser­vice fees in effect on the date their dog checks-in at WWD&B. Own­er agrees to pay in full at time of check-out any bal­ance result­ing from addi­tion­al ser­vices that were ren­dered for their dog and that their dog shall not leave our facil­i­ty until all fees due are paid. Prices are sub­ject to change with­out notice.

Day­care & Yap­py Club Pass­es:
WWD&B offers sin­gle vis­it pric­ing for day­care and Yap­py Club that are due at time of ser­vice. WWD&B likes to reward dog own­ers that use our day­care ser­vices reg­u­lar­ly by offer­ing day­care pass­es at increas­ing­ly greater sav­ings over our day rate. Day­care pass­es: Gold Paw pack­age — 12 vis­its, Sil­ver Paw pack­age — 8 vis­its and a Bronze Paw pack­age — 4 vis­its are all good for 30-days from date of first vis­it. The Lazy Dog pack­age is for 5 day­care vis­its and has no expi­ra­tion date. Yap­py Club pass­es: Par­ty Ani­mal pack­age — 10 vis­its and Social Pup Pack­age — 5 vis­its have no expi­ra­tion date. Yap­py Club pass will auto­mat­i­cal­ly be used for any dog at day­care beyond 6:30 pm. Pack­ages for day­care and Yap­py Club may be shared by all dogs in the same fam­i­ly for greater sav­ings. No refunds or exten­sions on pass­es. Pass­es are non-trans­ferrable. In the event that WWD&B decides to expel a dog from WWD&B ser­vices, a pro­rat­ed refund will be issued.

WWD&B offers a 10% DISCOUNT on day­care, Yap­py Club and board­ing ser­vices to any own­er that is a senior 62+, Vet­er­an and/or a Ser­vice Mem­ber of the Armed Ser­vices.

Day­care Reser­va­tions & Can­cel­la­tions:
Own­er is respon­si­ble for reserv­ing dates to bring their dog to day­care and yap­py club. Can­cel­la­tion of a reser­va­tion for day­care and Yap­py Club made twen­ty-four (24) hours or more in advance. (i.e. Call by 6:30 am on Mon­day to can­cel a reser­va­tion for Tues­day) will not be charged. All can­cel­la­tions made after this time, or fail­ure to arrive for a reser­va­tion will result in a charge for that day. Space is lim­it­ed and reser­va­tions are sug­gest­ed.

Right to Refuse Ser­vice:
WWD&B shall have the right to sus­pend or dis­miss a dog at our dis­cre­tion. How long a sus­pen­sion lasts will be decid­ed on a case-by-case basis. Any dog deemed unfit for day­care at our facil­i­ty will be dis­missed. Any dog that is unfit for day­care will be con­sid­ered unfit for board­ing. This deci­sion can be made before a dog’s free 1st day of day­care, after they com­plete their free first (1st) day of day­care, or at any time in the future.

Closed Hol­i­days:
We are closed to the pub­lic on the fol­low­ing hol­i­days: New Year’s Day, East­er Sun­day, Mother’s Day, Memo­r­i­al Day, Father’s Day, Inde­pen­dence Day, Labor Day, Thanks­giv­ing Day and Christ­mas Day. We may have lim­it­ed hours pre­ced­ing or fol­low­ing a hol­i­day. There is no check-in/check-out for board­ers avail­able on these hol­i­days with the excep­tion of Memo­r­i­al Day and Labor Day, which will have lim­it­ed hours of 10:00 am – 12:00 pm and by appoint­ment only. An addi­tion­al fee of $10 per dog will be charged to all dogs board­ing on these hol­i­days. The list of hol­i­days is sub­ject to change.

Own­er is required to pro­vide meals for their dog dur­ing the entire length of their board­ing stay. Meals pro­vid­ed by own­er must be prepack­aged in dis­pos­able bags, in indi­vid­ual serv­ing sizes and labeled with their dog’s full name and time of day (am, noon, pm) that the meal should be served. Should an own­er fail to pro­vide food for their dog or not have enough food for their dog’s stay, WWD&B will pro­vide owner’s dog with a size appro­pri­ate meal for each meal need­ed and an addi­tion­al fee. Own­ers who fail to prop­er­ly por­tion out meals pri­or to arrival will be charged an addi­tion­al fee.

BOARDING DOGS — Items from Home:
Items from home must adhere to WWD&B’s guide­lines of what is and is not accept­able to bring. Items brought from home must be clear­ly labeled with the dog’s first and last name. Dogs are allowed to bring up to two (2) toys. Dogs are allowed a dog bed or dog blan­kets that is appro­pri­ate for the dog’s size and is clear­ly labeled with the dog’s first and last name. Dog beds or dog blan­kets should be fresh­ly washed pri­or to check-in and be able to be washed in a wash­ing machine. Each dog that boards is allowed to bring two (2) tow­els that must be clear­ly labeled with first and last name. Canine appar­el may be worn dur­ing the win­ter months. Appar­el must be clear­ly labeled and should be durable enough to with­stand group play. NO rawhides, bones, Kongs, and/or bowls. WWD&B with­holds the right to inspect and refuse any items deemed unsuit­able. This list is sub­ject to change and is post­ed at our front desk and/or on our web­site. Any dogs with a vet­eri­nar­i­an approved med­ical need for a bed that lies out­side WWD&B’s guide­lines will be giv­en con­sid­er­a­tion. WWD&B is not respon­si­ble for any lost, stolen, or dam­aged items.

Best known prac­tices of dog han­dling is to have at least a nine­ty (90) minute rest peri­od after eat­ing a meal, which WWD&B adheres to. We use this guide­line for all meals served at WWD&B. In keep­ing with this guide­line, we will not serve a meal to an owner’s dog near the sched­uled time of check-out. This is to ensure the health and well­be­ing of dogs.

BOARDING DOGS — that are NOT Con­sis­tent Day­care Clients:
Any dog that has not been to WWD&B with­in six­ty (60) days before their next sched­uled board­ing check-in date, must attend at the owner’s expense, a min­i­mum of one (1) day of day­care to ensure that their dog main­tains our behav­ioral stan­dards, (see Canine Qual­i­ties Required). Own­er acknowl­edges this pol­i­cy and under­stands that board­ing reser­va­tions will not be guar­an­teed until the com­ple­tion of this day­care vis­it which must occur with­in six­ty (60) days pri­or to the board­ing reser­va­tion. If day­care vis­it is not com­plet­ed with­in fif­teen (15) days of sched­uled board­ing check-in date, WWD&B reserves the right to can­cel the reser­va­tion and own­er will not receive a refund for their reser­va­tion deposit.

BOARDING DOGS — Reser­va­tions & Can­cel­la­tions
A non-refund­able one (1) night board­ing deposit is required for all board­ing reser­va­tions. The bal­ance of the board­ing reser­va­tion is due in full at time of check-in. Fail­ure to check-out by reserved check-out time will result in addi­tion­al board­ing charges. No refunds or cred­its for ear­ly board­ing check-outs. Board­ing space is lim­it­ed. Reser­va­tions are required.

BOARDING DOGS — Board­ing Accom­mo­da­tions:
Own­er has a choice to board their dog in one of our Bunkhous­es (crate), or a Suite (full size room) dur­ing their dog’s stay. All dogs board­ing start their day in the day­care as ear­ly as 6:30 am and turn in for the night by 9:00 pm. Meals and some rest peri­ods dur­ing the day will be in their bunkhouse or suite. Mul­ti­ple dogs in the same fam­i­ly may share a suite if they are well behaved togeth­er.

BOARDING DOGS — Check-In/Check-Out Times:
WWD&B is staffed 24/7/365, how­ev­er we are not open to the pub­lic 24/7/365. Own­er agrees that they may only check their dog IN or OUT of board­ing dur­ing reg­u­lar busi­ness hours post­ed for day­care and Yap­py Club. Check-in/check-out times on Sun­day are lim­it­ed to 10:00 am — 12:00 pm by appoint­ment only. WWD&B prefers that all dogs be checked-in by 10:00 am for board­ing Mon­day – Sat­ur­day. A tired dog is a hap­py dog, and we have found that dogs are hap­pi­er sleep­ing over for the night when they have played all day in day­care. Arrange­ments can be made for lat­er check-in times, although the board­ing fee is the same regard­less of check-in time. Check-out is by 10:00 am for board­ing Mon­day – Sat­ur­day, Sun­day between 10:00 am – 12:00 pm. Day­care and Yap­py Club rates apply Mon­day – Sat­ur­day for dogs check­ing-out after 10:00 am. See Closed Hol­i­days for details regard­ing hol­i­days.

Autho­rized Alter­nates allowed to Check-In/Check-Out an Owner’s Dog:
Own­er agrees to pro­vide WWD&B in writ­ing with the name, phone num­ber and rela­tion­ship to own­er, any per­son that the own­er has autho­rized to check-in/check-out their dog from any of the ser­vices offered by WWD&B. Own­er agrees to only autho­rize alter­nates that are famil­iar with the owner’s dog and whom are knowl­edge­able of the WWD&B Poli­cies and Pro­ce­dures. Alter­nate must also be ful­ly capa­ble of han­dling and con­trol­ling the owner’s dog safe­ly. Any alter­nate deemed unfa­mil­iar with an owner’s dog, or unable to han­dle and con­trol the owner’s dog safe­ly, will not be per­mit­ted to check the owner’s dog in or out of WWD&B. Own­er agrees to inform all autho­rized alter­nates that they will be required to show their driver’s license at check-out. Own­er agrees to autho­rize the own­er or agents of WWD&B to use their best judge­ment for the release of their dog. In the event that an owner’s dog is not released, the own­er also agrees to pay for any ser­vices that their dog incurs.

Revised: Octo­ber 10, 2016

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