New Clients and Reservations

We are hap­py to wel­come new dogs to Woof Woof!

But before we can sched­ule your first day­care vis­it, all new clients must:

(1) Sub­mit our online Day­care & Board­ing Form (with all sec­tions filled out) to see if we have avail­abil­i­ty. Sub­mit­ting the form is the first step towards becom­ing a client.

(2) After we review your infor­ma­tion, you will receive an email about avail­abil­i­ty and infor­ma­tion about reg­is­tra­tion.

(3) After you com­plete our online reg­is­tra­tion, your dog will be ready to attend day­care.

Basic Rules & Reg­u­la­tions for Woof Woof Dog­gie Day­care
– Please pro­vide a vac­ci­na­tion update from your vet
(this must be sub­mit­ted before all dogs start day­care).
– Ken­nel cough (Bor­de­tella) vac­cine is required every 6 months.
– All dogs must be treat­ed for fleas & ticks on a month­ly basis.
– All dogs must be spayed or neutered by 7 months of age.
– No age restric­tions for old­er dogs.
– Com­plete poli­cies & pro­ce­dures are avail­able for down­load.
– Review Poli­cies & Pro­ce­dures online here

Online Forms
Day­care & Board­ing Form
Client Agree­ment Form
Alter­nate Check-Out Release Form
Med­ica­tion Form