New Clients & Reservations

We are happy to welcome new dogs to Woof Woof!

But before we can schedule your first daycare visit, all new clients must:

(1) Submit our online Daycare & Boarding Form (with all sections filled out) to see if we have availability. Submitting the form is the first step towards becoming a client.

(2) After we review your information, you will receive an email about availability and information about registration.

(3) After you complete our online registration, your dog will be ready to attend daycare.

Basic Rules & Regulations for Woof Woof Doggie Daycare
– Please pro­vide a vac­ci­na­tion update from your vet
(this must be submitted before all dogs start daycare).
– Ken­nel cough (Bor­de­tella) vac­cine is required every 6 months.
– All dogs must be treated for fleas & ticks on a monthly basis.
– All dogs must be spayed or neutered by 7 months of age.
– No age restric­tions for older dogs.
– Com­plete policies & procedures are avail­able for download.
– Review Policies & Procedures online here

Online Forms
Daycare & Boarding Form
Client Agreement Form
Alternate Check-Out Release Form
Medication Form