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Pet First Aid & CPR Certified
Our goal is to give you peace of mind that your dog will be safe, happy, and lovingly cared for each and every visit!


Woof Woof is owned and operated by a family of experienced dog trainers who know how to create an environment that allows dogs to play and romp to their hearts content. However, to ensure every pup’s well-being, we temperament test each new dog extensively, separate dogs into five different groups so each pup’s size and playstyle are matched by their group mates, and certify every member of our team in pet first aid and CPR so they are in the best hands in case of an emergency.Plus we treat each dog as an individual, with their own specific needs, likes, and dislikes, so we are able to go the extra mile in and cater to your dog’s every desire.

All staff certified in Pet First Aid & CPR, with a certified Instructor on staff as a part of our management team
Rigorous training centered around canine behavior, group play management, and how to administer Temperament Tests
Committed to providing every dog with a beneficial daycare experience
Kaytlin Sinclair
Managing Partner, Head Trainer, AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, Pet First-Aid/CPR Instructor

Being a part of Woof Woof is in my blood, literally and figuratively! After years of helping my parents foster our family business into what it has become today, I can now proudly be a part of its continued growth managing our daycare, training pups, teaching classes about pet first aid and CPR, all while continuing our practice of compassionate canine care.

Lara Sinclair
Managing Partner, Director of Operations

Although I may be a new pack member, my experience with dogs doesn’t begin here! Between 25 years working with rescue dogs and aiding in their training and rehabilitation and my experience as a nurse & VP of Clinical Ops for a National Company, I provide both impeccable canine care and endless compassion for every dog I meet. Fostering a happy, loving, and fun environment where every dog has the opportunity to thrive is my passion and Woof Woof is where it happens!

Ralph Sinclair
Founder, CEO, Trainer, Behaviorist

I began my career as a trainer in 1975 with my family’s champion show Collies, teaching them proper etiquette for competition, and later went on to become a certified trainer by none other than the world-famous Matthew Margolis. Coupling this experience with my degree in biology and animal behavior created the perfect foundation for forming Woof Woof in 1995, the first-ever doggy daycare in New Hampshire! I take pride in our focus on training with consistent love, praise, and affection and our ability to create a daycare and boarding experience second to none.

Nick Sinclair
Managing Partner, Trainer

Woof Woof has always been a huge part of my life and continues to be every day. There is nothing more special to me than each dog’s ability to feel at home here. I love being able to work alongside my family as our office manager, maintaining our facility and training dogs!


Woof Woof is more than just a Bark Bark Dog Park, it’s a loving environment where your pet will thrive with its own pack of superbly treated pups. The staff has always been super enthusiastic and caring for my dog Junebug. In fact everytime I head to the car Junebug desperately tries to get in thinking I will take her to Woof Woof!

Samuel S.

Woof woofs intuitive staff are great at identifying what your pooch needs to ensure that every dog gets the most out of their experience. Love for dogs and people radiate from the staff at woof woof. I would recommend woof woof to anyone looking for a group to treat your dog like one of their own.

Julie S.

We have been clients for close to 15 years. The staff loves each and every animal. Our dog is exhausted when she comes home from having so much fun!

Ashley P.

Woof Woof is 10 out of 10 for both daycare & boarding. My little guy loves going there and is always in good spirits when he gets home from a long day of play. The staff is so pleasant and easy to work with.

Hannah L.

We have been sending our Finn to Woof Woof since he “rescued” us 5 years ago. He is always so excited to go. The staff at Woof Woof is so attentive and compassionate. I trust them completely. It’s a Joy as a dog owner to see how happy he is going there.

Lisa W.

Love this place and more importantly our dog loves going here. The best and most loving staff! We know our dogs have a great time as they cant wait to run in and start playing with their friends. Boarding could not be easier and more comforting knowing how well the dogs are treated.

Dan G.

I am so happy to have found Woof Woof! Nothing makes my dog happier than going to daycare. I am so so so so grateful to the Woof Woof staff for taking such great care of my girl and treating her like family.

Sam D.

I am so happy to have found Woof Woof! Nothing makes my dog happier than going to daycare. I am so so so so grateful to the Woof Woof staff for taking such great care of my girl and treating her like family.

Sam D.

Absolutely love this place! Fantastic and caring staff all around, well organized, and doing the best for the pups they care for! I’ve brought my boy Luthor in for daycare, including a bath and a nail trimming. Even though he was a little grumpy about the bath, the staff treated him well and I could tell he had a great time at daycare. He was so soft and handsome afterward!

Laurelann P.
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M-F 6:30-9:00 Sat 7:30-9:00 Sun 7:30-6:30